Holistic Therapies

I’m a Holistic Muse which is based around Wellness Coaching. I help others create a lifestyle that suits and caters to the individual.

As a Holistic Muse, I will coach you to find the motivation and tools to meet your physical and emotional health goals.

Those goals might include:
Weight loss or gain
Clean eating
Depression & Anxiety techniques
Reduce stress levels

I specialise in helping those with:
Mental challenges
Chronic Pain
Auto-Immune Illnesses

I also provide a Deep Detox Cleanse that can be modified for the individual.

Contact me with your health concerns, lifestyle changes, and fitness questions. You'd be amazed at what I know!


Social Media

Social Media is a necessity these days, and I help a lot of people globally.

I set up my YouTube channel to help these clients. You will find videos on Yoga Therapy, Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation, Yoga Anatomy, Animal Rescues & Adoptions, and everything Vegan.


What is a Holistic Muse?

Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist, who makes specific diet and exercise suggestions, a Holistic Muse will help you make better general choices that fit your lifestyle.
Using ancient recognised approaches to healthy living, and to find the answers within, we use these tools to compliment with Yoga and Ayurveda therapies.
Ayurveda is the traditional Vedic healing system of preventative medicine, originating in India and developed by the sages, known as Rishis' thousands of years ago.
Yoga and Ayurveda are closely connected. Yoga is the Vedic science of self-realisation that depends upon a well functioning body and mind. Ayurveda is the Vedic science of healing both body and mind.
Yoga and Ayurveda are far more than physical exercise or bodily healing systems, they address our entire nature, our greater life as a spiritual and cosmic being.
One does not exist without the other. Both address all our needs, inform and complement each other.


All Disease Begins in the Gut

The famous quote by Hypocrites, "All disease begins in the gut," is the standard I live by when treating and healing.

It was also the lightbulb moment for myself when I came to realise this was indeed the case for me. After all, we don't get sick when we are happy and full of life. Its a gradual process for many with more serious diseases, and while sometimes it can feel like its instant, it is not.

There is always a root to the problem to begin with. Take a headache for example. Trigger factors can include stress, the environment, over thinking, sensitive smells, or illness related.

Stress and the gut are also linked. This has been scientifically proven, and all we have to do is look at the human body, and understand that the Vagus Nerve provides a bidirectional link between gut and brain and connects all major organs (excluding the thyroid and adrenal glands).

This gives a better understanding of how our thoughts affect our health also, and why auto-immune diseases, depression, anxiety, and gut related illnesses, can be fixed by choosing a plant based diet with healing properties.

I had spent years going to and fro the to the doctors, and even as a child, I was prescribed antibiotics to every ailment I had, until I was passed onto specialist after specialist, who could also find nothing wrong with me.

When I reached my 20's I was exhausted from the roller coaster of 'good days', and 'bad days'. I gave into the fact that it was normal for me to be this tired, and sick. I was finally diagnosed in my 30's as having fluid retention, celiac disease, and chronic fatigue, with no known cause except I must of had Mumps (from paramyxovirus) and didn't know I had it.

For a long time I accepted that when my stress levels peaked, or I exerted myself too much, that I would suffer the consequences of the chronic fatigue and be useless for days until my body gained enough strength to continue. I would literally spend those few days, even a week sometimes, not moving from my bed or my couch.

I continued to live to die, until my health got worse, and I began my journey of getting to the root of the problem. The internet had a vast conflicting array of information, that I found myself in a rabbit warren, trying to uncover the truth behind auto-immune diseases. My knowledge, like my body, kept returning to the symptoms of Candida. Could it be that simple, that bacteria was not balanced in my body?

At the same time I went to see a naturopath who confirmed I was celiac. I was given various supplements to take, and told to eliminate red meat from my diet, and increase my protein intake. No mention of Candida.

I did feel great for about two years, then my oedema fluid started to come back, as did the chronic fatigue. I had gained so much weight and needed to feel alive again. So I started a program that helped me to become vegetarian (which eventually led me to turn Vegan), I also increased my daily exercise, and dealtwith my mental issues. It changed my life, but it was only the beginning.

I wanted to help others have such a dramatic wake-up call, and so I began to study Yoga & Ayurveda, and other related wellness applications. In my treatments I am also known to use massage, reiki, spiritual healing, crystals, and mindfulness meditation.

Since that time, Ive worked on managing my own health, and also sharing my knowledge with others. During my recovery Ive had many relapses, until one day I just woke up knowing full certain that some foods, and my lifestyle was not suited to me. Once I realised that the yeast overgrowth was the root of my diagnosis, I quickly decided that I needed to create a detox program.

For several years now Ive been on a spiritual journey that has led me to my own wellness. I am always experimenting with my body, and finding more information that resonates to my own truth, and I felt that it was life changing enough, that I knew I had to share what I knew with others.

I walked my road very alone, and through both healing myself and the healing Ive helped others with, I have learnt that the necessary ingredients for long time help, was sharing what I knew, and support those that Im helping through their own healing process. I remain a part of your journey for as long as you need me, as I believe that for long-term recovery, support is crucial.

The healing techniques I use, are specially created for each client. After all we are not the same, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The food and exercise that works for one person, may not necessarily work for you.

I am dedicated to understand YOU, and to help bust the myth that health, stress, and food are NOT related. Everything you consume, including environment, thoughts, and what you eat, make up your constitution and who YOU are.

You are what you digest.....Mind, and Body!

Our Journey Together Starts Here....

Get in touch with me, if you would like my help with creating a lifestyle that will have you living again. Your health is your life!