My Philosophy

I was always one of those kids that thought that there was something bigger and better than the world that was presented to me.

I struggled through my life, living to the expectations of what I conformed to. I knew there was more, but I just didn't know how to achieve it.

Our lives are unique, our journeys are never the same, but what we can do for each other, is my philosophy.

I healed myself, and continue to do so, every day. What I’ve learnt is to share knowledge, its empowering to know what others don't, but it’s even more self-gratifying to share it.

My Preceding Events

In 2008 and 2009, I gave up my current life to go back to school.

For 20 years, I had pushed that dream aside to conform to what I believed society wanted from me to do.

I left my career as a bookkeeper, and started a two-year Advanced Diploma in Film, Television, and Theatre Acting. It was the beginning of my new spiritual journey. When I completed it, my marriage ended, and I began my soul search to love myself, and let go of the mistakes I thought I had made.

For the next two years, I struggled. My marriage breakdown saw me return to a toxic career, and the battles of being a single mother. In 2013 I'd had enough, after all, I didn't go back to study to then return to the life I so desperately wanted to change.

At the time, one of the only great things in my life was the Film & Theatre school I was running for youth productions, but I was still so unhappy with my life, and who I had turned into.

That’s when I decided it was time to turn my life around and lose the excess fat that was physically weighing my spirit down. I moved away from our home of 10 years, and returned to the best therapy there is, the beach!

I lost 32kgs and fell in love with fitness again. I became vegetarian and started to religiously meditate every day, to let go of all that had been.

That led me to yoga, and I fell in love with it so quickly I decided to take myself to the country of origin to learn the philosophy behind it.

I stayed in India well past the 6 weeks I was meant to, gave up my belonging, my job once again, and began volunteering my time rescuing animals from the streets. The first dog I found a forever home for now lives in Israel.

The last few years I’ve remained abroad, worked in an animal rescue centre as a volunteer General Manager, started a non-profit organisation to rescue animals and find them homes in western countries, become VEGAN (seems ethical if I’m saving animals), studied more Yoga, discovered and studied Ayurveda, teaching anatomy at a Yoga school in India, and travelled the globe.

Now I find myself not only helping the animals of India, but also sharing my knowledge and experience globally.

My love of life has opened my heart and soul, and my journey has led me to assist others find the very best version of themselves.